EcoHalo's primary function is to monitor, reflect and communicate to the public, changing levels of environmental pollution.

These changes are reflected in the colour and intensity of the EcoHalo’s light, using data relayed from existing local air quality monitoring stations.

Green = good, Blue = OK, Red = bad, Flashing Red = critical.

Our intention in using the EcoHalo as a symbol is to bring harmony and wholeness to an otherwise sensitive issue.

Light source

The EcoHalos use red, blue and green LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) within a poly-carbonate diffuser, to create an ever changing spectrum of soft glowing colours.

Solar Power

The intention is to take advantage of recent developments in the use of photovoltaic technologies (local solar panels) to draw and store energy from the sun by day to power the Halos by night, creating an energy autonomous sculpture.


The EcoHalos are supported by 1.5 mm diameter stainless steel threads, supported by slender masts or suspended from surrounding structures. These threads would be virtually invisible at night. By day they define an elegant glistening sculptural form.


Designed for rapid installation, all the visible structural components of the EcoHalos are pre-fabricated and constructed off site. A single reinforced concrete footing would be located below pavement level under each supporting mast.


The visible components of the structure are fabricated from lightweight, corrosion resisting, stainless aluminium. This material is inherently durable and does not require painting or special maintenance. Mounted well above pedestrian and street level, protected by a system of tough poly-carbonate diffusers, the EcoHalos are well protected from casual vandalism.

Running costs

LEDs provide a high degree of light intensity with extremely low power consumption. If solar powered panels are used as the energy source, the EcoHalos would involve no running costs.